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Ender’s Game movie download in DVDRip Quality

Ender’s Game  movie info

Ender’s Game  movie info

MOVIE - Ender’s Game                                         DIRECTOR - Gavin Hood

STAR CAST -  Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield                            
RELEASE DATE - October 25, 2013                   LENGTH - 114 min                                                          

LANGUAGE - English                                          GENRE -  science fiction, action                        
PRINT - DVD                                                      RATING - 8.1/10

Story : In 2086, an alien species called the Formics attacks Earth. Mazer Rackham, commander of a small reserve patrol force, halts their advance and apparently sacrifices himself during their attack.
Years later, a young cadet named Andrew "Ender" Wiggin beats a school bully named Stilson at a hand-held virtual game while Colonel Hyrum Graff and Major Gwen Anderson from the International Fleet watch via hidden cameras. Ender is summoned to have the monitor on the back of his neck removed. When Stilson and his gang attack him, Ender retaliates and violently beats Stilson. Ender returns home and confesses grief over his actions to his sister Valentine. Their older brother Peter interrupts them and convinces Ender to play a game. He then begins choking Ender, threatening to kill him but pulls back. Graff and Anderson visit the Wiggin family and offer Ender a place in Battle School, admitting that the final test was to see how Ender would react to his monitor's removal. Graff talks privately with Ender and is able to convince him to accept, because Ender believes that "it was what he was born for".

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